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The Barns is for everyone, young and old, this can be the place where you breathe the benefits of physical exercise and have a great time getting fit. You will raise your spirits along with your pulse, radiate some new strength into your body and FOCUS ON FITNESS AND FUN. New to The Barns in 2020 is our virtual, LIVE and ON DEMAND programmes. So now you can workout in studio, Live with the Instructor or on demand in your own time, anywhere.

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From Yoga to Bootcamps, Strength to Stretch, Cardio to Core  We have something for everyone

At BARNS FITNESS STUDIOS we’ve designed a number of classes for people at all levels. If you want to go far, we’ll get you there. Or if you just want to lose weight and keep active, we have the class for you. Pick and choose the classes that you like, when it best fits your schedule. Book your spot now in our next sweatfest, or choose something  mellow and unwind, we have it all. 

People join us for the results and stay because they become family. 

Featured Classes

Fit Forever, LBT, Cardio Classes, Dance Fit and So Much More…

We’re going to pump you up!

Strengthen and tone your body by letting one of our certified pros teach you proper form and different fitness routines. This will help to improve endurance, build muscle mass, rev up your metabolism and develop maximum strength. Your beach body will thank you.
Hannah will dance you fit, Laura and Trudy will add years onto your life, Ella and Trudy will see you at the BARRE. Laura and Steph will fight you to fitness, whilst Trudy will POUND you into your new body


A senior friendly, 45 minute class incorporating a range of low impact cardio and strength training exercises to benefit a healthy heart and strong bones. Included are functional exercises that improve overall core strength, balance and flexibility.


Practising yoga regularly really helps the body and mind in many wonderful ways. Building strength, stability and endurance through a sequence of postures we work with focusing the breath to relax and centre the mind – providing an overall body workout that will leave you feeling lighter both physically and mentally – in these busy times offer yourself some kindness.


Combat is a high-energy martial arts-inspired workout that is totally non-contact. Punch and kick your way to fitness


I recently stayed in Potton for a couple of weeks and after attending a few classes at the Barns wish I lived there! I may finally achieve my personal goals if I did. They’re a lovely group of people that attend and Steph could not be more friendly. If you are looking for brilliant and varied workout opportunities in Potton look no further. It’s a very non-intimidating environment, and I’m sure you’ll get the results you’re looking for with these classes. Thanks for allowing me to join in for just a couple of weeks! Cleo

Cleo Adamou

This fitness studio has been the answer to my prayers! It’s fantastic value for money, but what really makes it special is the trainers. They are so friendly, smiley and enthusiastic. It has a real community vibe, with fab classes on offer. I love the body pump and kettlebells classes – boy do you get a work out! They tailor the classes to everyone’s ability and make sure you know what you are doing.

Lucy Bella Earl



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